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Poster image from the 2017 Other Palace production of The Little Beasts by Luke Bateman and Michael Conley


by Luke Bateman & Michael Conley

What happens to naughty children? 


Inspired by an 18th century cautionary tale and written by Bateman & Conley, THE LITTLE BEASTS tells the macabre story of a magical menagerie and the mystery of the animals within.


Based on the 18th century story Vice in its Proper Shape, THE LITTLE BEASTS is a cautionary tale for children and parents alike. This dark and funny musical follows a selfish little girl who runs away from home and discovers a magical menagerie filled with animals that used to be children before their naughtiness brought them to untimely ends. When the menagerie’s menacing proprietor tasks her to choose one animal to set free, she must learn how they came to be there and decide which one, if any, has learned its lesson. But things are not what they seem. Is she herself trapped? Who is really in charge? Is any child truly naughty?


Developed & licensed by Perfect Pitch.

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