Crispin Cox Poster


A Play by Michael Conley 

It’s an hour before the press-night of a new one-man musical version of Les Liaisons Dangereuses and its new star readies himself to give the performance of his (thus far lacklustre) career. Crispin Cox has stepped in at the last minute due to the ‘cancellation’ of his ‘very best friend’. But his motives may be less than sincere and his methods less than virtuous. He’s a man of many secrets and tonight you’ll hear them all.

Michael Conley (star of THE FABULIST FOX SISTER and THE SORROWS OF SATAN, librettist/lyricist behind both plus the upcoming INDECENT PROPOSAL, librettist behind SUPERHERO and the upcoming VANARA) stars as the funny, flawed, ‘fictional’ Crispin, a role no one else could play (because he wouldn’t let them).