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Poster for La Petite Fille aux Allumettes


An adaptation of the 2016 Molière Award nominated musical 


By Julien Salvia (music)  Ludovic-Alexandre Vidal (lyrics) and Anthony Michineau (book) 

English adaptation of the book and lyrics by Michael Conley


The cold winter rages in the streets of London… A young orphan girl, Emma, is brought in an orphanage after the death of her grandmother. The place is ruled by the terrible Collins, who sends the little girl in the streets, forcing her to sell nine matches to gain the right to sleep in the household…

Emma does not manage to sell any of her matches: frozen, she decides to strike one to warm herself up. She is instantaneously transported into a fantastic imaginary kingdom. There, she is back with her grandmother, who is none other than the Queen. Emma herself is welcomed as a princess.

But in this kingdom, Fragotov, a cruel sorcerer, kidnaps Emma’s grandmother to lure the little girl in a trap… and steal her soul!

All night long, Emma will multiply the encounters and the adventures, with a pseudo-magician, a not so monstrous monster, and more or less ferocious pirates.

Nothing will stop Emma in her struggle to find a way to defeat Fragotov and save her grandmother, not even the cold of the streets of London…

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