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hello, boys! poster image michael conley


Conley had the crowd in stitches with soon-to-be- classics such as his ode to a non-English speaking fling “Diego” - “I enjoy your native tongue” and his tribute to socially scorned love: “I Didn’t Know He Was a Miner.” Luckily, Michael Conley says “Hello, Boys!” again!


Most of the team's songs tended toward the comic, and the laughs landed with surprising regularity. That's no small achievement. A compelling performer who has both presence and poise, Conley is a good enough actor to make the ballads work but his forte is definitely humor -- and that was nowhere better displayed than in his inspired rendition of "Phoning It In." Make no mistake, Conley and Cohen are a composing team to watch; their ratio of hits to misses is very impressive.



If you want to have a cabaret evening with a lot of laughs, and experience some brilliant insights into life at the same time, catch one of Mr. Conley's shows. With clever and cute Matthew Loren Cohen providing the music for Mr. Conley's equally clever and cute lyrics, I once again was awed by this duo's amazing wit and wickedly accurate takes on life, love and even cabaret (Mr. Conley's "Phoning It In" is a classic example). Mr. Conley's pretentious humility abounds, and he reels out his songs, and then adeptly hooks you in on the gags. This very talented young songwriter has an interesting and unique outlook on life - a very delightful, surprise-filled show to be sure!



A musical revue by Michael Conley and Matthew Loren Cohen

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