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Poster design by Michael Conley for Personality by Luke Bateman and Michael Conley based on the novel by Andrew O'Hagan



by Luke Bateman & Michael Conley

based on the novel by Andrew O'Hagan

When the young Maria Tambini wins a TV talent show, she becomes an overnight sensation and leaves her humble life on a Scottish island for the excitement of London. But as her star gets brighter, her light gets dimmer; she begins a private war against her own body and becomes a living exhibit in the modern drama of celebrity. Can her love save her? Or is her need for an  audience going to consume her?


Set in the 1980s amid the dying days of light entertainment, Maria's story deftly foreshadows today's obsession with the culture of celebrity. Based on the best-selling novel, PERSONALITY is a poignant, witty and haunting new musical that examines the true cost of fame and the life that remains once the music has stopped. 

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